How we serve our community

TransFormissional Equipping for Life by Design

A casual, interactive gathering of our framilies to be equipped and transformed by God's Word and Spirit to live life by design.
Life Groups - Discovery Groups for Families, Couples and Workers
dGroups - delta groups for Disciples learning to make disciples
eGroups - for Explorers and Enquirers to discover more about God, Jesus and the Bible
​Tailored designer living

YoUniQ Youth & MSG

We serve the next generation of High School, University, and Graduate aged kids by helping them navigate the transitions of life as they journey through the turbulent adolescent and emerging adult years.

Chatswood High S.R.E.

We also partner with other churches to teach Scripture or S.R.E. at Chatswood High School.


We help your kindergarten and primary school aged kids grow holistically by developing them spiritually.